How to make a club

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How to make a club

Post by Geijutsu on Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:36 am

1.Think of a topic your group could discuss. Make it general but not too general (Naruto Club, not Sharingan Club)
2. If you aren't sure of if you should make the club, pm a staff member and ask if it is fine.
3.Make rules for your club. These rules must be sensible and not conflict with the site rules or Terms of Use.
4.Make ranks for your club. You can have any reasonable amount of ranks as long is there is a rank separating owner/creator from regular member.
5.Do not advertise your club except in your signature

-You can give your club a name relating to the topic it is about. You don't have to make your club something like "One Piece Club" as long as people understand what you're talking about.
-Userbars and Banners for the club are great eye-catchers to display in signatures.
-You can have other members to co-own your club or just help you run it.

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